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Fri, Mar. 4th, 2005, 01:25 pm

Bedlamite: Thoughts, Notes & Outline


male, early to mid 20’s
POLLY female, early to mid 20’s; Dave’s girlfriend
GREG male, early to mid 20’s
TIM male, early to mid 20’s

· 3 or 4 friends (approx. high school/college age) are sitting at one of their houses, drinking and watching a really bad vampire movie (we’ll shoot a quick couple scenes, and make it as ridiculously bad as possible, with all the worst stereotypes of the genre). While most mock, the main character (“Dave”) is transfixed ((FX: Zoom into Dave’s eye, show something resembling an internal transformation, giant cells mutating or something like that))

Open on a really, terribly bad vampire movie, The Tuesday of Death. I want to set records for the worst vampire movie, if possible. Make it seem like this is the film. Finally, pull back to reveal it’s playing on a TV screen ((Maybe do an opposite of the Matrix trick, when Neo’s in the interrogation room, and it starts on a TV screen, then changes and clears up…do that, but in reverse, start clear with ToD, but when it becomes clear it’s on a TV screen, make it morph to have screen grain or resolution lines or whatever...)).
Huddled around the screen on chairs and on the floor are 4 friends, Dave, Polly, Greg and Tim, surrounded by various snacks and drinks and kinds of alcohol. They laugh and mock the screen, occasionally nearly choking on their snacks.
Tim: Holy shit, I thought I’d seen every bad horror movie out there. Hell, I sat through Breakfast of Imbeciles! Where the hell did you find this?
Greg: (munching chips) Supposedly it’s some long lost film that was just rediscovered…someone trying to make movies to compete with Hammer films in the early 70’s, but they were local. It was found in some estate auction.
Tim: Estate, huh? Well, I hope the maker died of rectal cancer.
The friends laugh at the comment, and Polly notices Dave seems transfixed by the movie. Scooting over beside him, she elbows him in the ribs, which seems to bring him out of it, and he looks at her.
Dave: Huh?
Polly: Hey monkey, you ok in there?
Dave: Yeah, why?
Polly: You just seem kinda out of it.
Dave: Oh, no, I’m just enjoying this. It’s good. (He turns back to the screen)
Polly looks at him like he’s crazy. Reaching out, she puts her palm on his forehead, checking for a temperature, at which he pulls away.
Dave: What are you doing?

· The next day, the friends sit in school. Dave’s skipping, it seems, and they discuss how unlike him that is. “Polly”, Dave’s girlfriend, seems concerned.
· Meanwhile, Dave’s at home in bed, going through a very painful transformation ((FX: Mostly in camera (sweat, maybe some blood, etc), possible add digital stuff (eyes/teeth changing, him getting paler on screen, etc.), ideas?))
· The next day (or possibly a couple days), after being away for a while, Dave gets a visit in the afternoon/evening from his friends to find out if he’s all right, why he hasn’t called, “Are you ok, you look pale”, etc. After much prodding, and because they’re the people he’s closest to in the world, Dave confides in his friends that he’s become a vampire. They all promptly laugh at him. He gets insistent, which sort of worries them, and they ask for proof, but he can’t prove his claim (i.e. he’s the type of vampire that can’t fly, isn’t hungry for blood ‘cause he just ate, “where’re your fangs?” “I dunno, I’m still learning.”
· “Greg” & “Tim”, Dave’s male friends, get tired and leave. Polly sticks around for a few minutes, worried about Dave. She tries to get him to explain what’s going on, but he sticks to his story that he’s a vampire. They have a bit of a fight, and she storms out.
· Dave’s pissed off, and goes out as well, hunts and kills someone. ((FX: “Vampire Vision” (something like desaturate the footage but keep the reds vibrant, maybe lighten shadows so it’s like night vision, maybe add translucent red veins seen through living creatures), maybe add a shot of Dave with his eyes reflecting light like a cat’s))
· Another day or 2 passes. Still no sign of Dave at school. Getting frustrated and worried, Polly goes to Dave’s house after school. He insists that he’d like to be able to go to school, but the sun will kill him. Polly calls it bullshit, asks why Dave won’t open up and tell her what’s up. Tempers start to flare. Dave keeps saying it’s true, he’s a vampire, he killed someone last night. Polly says he’s crazy, and he needs professional help. Dave totally loses it and kills her, which actually doesn’t improve his mood. ((FX: In-camera, lots of spraying arterial blood. Digitally show change in eyes and teeth when Dave attacks. Other thoughts?))
· That night Dave disposes of Polly’s body (in a dumpster or off a hill or into a body of water…something like that). He’s upset and feels bad, but starts exploring his vampire powers, like speed and agility and stuff, running through the streets, over buildings and the like. ((FX: Green screen composites of Dave going through and over buildings, maybe some digital double stuff. Ideas?))
· Again, a day or 2 passes. Dave meets Greg and Tim at a coffee shop in the early evening, not long after sundown. Dave arrives wearing sunglasses and looking like the pseudo-typical wannabe modern vampire, which his friends mock him for. Idle conversation over coffee, then Polly comes up, she’s missing, Dave talks around the question, (“Well I’ve been pretty busy…” “Yeah, her parents would probably think to look at your place first anyway…”). A bit more idle conversation before Dave says he has to leave, he’s hungry (jokes about blood, which Dave remains quiet for)
· After Dave’s left, Greg and Tim get serious (“Ok, this is getting out of hand. He need professional help” etc.). They plan an intervention.
· Dave is awoken the next morning with Greg standing over him staring down at him, with Tim close behind. “Morning Dave! This farce has gone on long enough.” “We’re taking to you get help…”
· The two friends grab Dave, dragging him out of his home on a sunny day as he kicks and screams and tries his best to get away. Greg and Tim are each pulling him buy the arm with him resisting. He starts getting more and more hysterical and finally as they hit the bright sun, he starts smoking and burning. He keeps burning, turning brown and then to grey ash, until finally his arms come off at the forearm/elbow. Greg & Tim keep walking while Dave stands and burns, finally crumbling to dust, the sun shining brightly into camera. ((FX: Some makeup effects at start, but mostly CG))
· The Sun morphs to a mini-flashlight as Dr. Rowley looks in Dave’s catatonic eyes in his mental ward room. Shaking his head and making a typically snide remark, Dr. Rowley leaves Dave’s room and goes about his rounds as the camera moves down the hall to Alex’s Room. ((FX: We may need to make Dave’s eyes look catatonic (i.e. dilated pupil, or something)))